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Beginning April 1st, 2015 at 8:00 AM EDT http://training.fema.gov will be down for maintenance. Access to exams will not be possible during this maintenance period. Service is expected to resume by 8:30AM EDT. Please use the comment form on this web site to report any issues after the maintenance window has completed.

Also on April 1st, 2015 at 8:30am (EDT) the Emergency Management Institute (EMI) will begin to use the FEMA Student Identification (SID) number when submitting your Independent Study (IS) final exam. You must continue to use your SSN or Alternate ID number until April 1st at 8:30am (EDT); however, we recommend registering a FEMA SID today: https://cdp.dhs.gov/femasid.

Master Continuity Practitioner

Level II - Master Continuity Practitioner Requirements

Applicant must complete the following courses and activities in any order from Level I or Level II unless specified as prerequisite to another course on the list.

  • Applicants must attain a Continuity Excellence Series – Level I, Professional Continuity Practitioner
  • IS 130: Exercise Evaluation and Improvement Planning or E 132 (limited to EMI Resident MEPP candidates) or G130 Exercise Evaluation
  • IS 240.b or equivalent E/L/G course: Leadership and Influence
  • E/L/G 551 or IS 551: Devolution Planning Workshop
Complete one of the following:
  • E/L 156 or IS 156: Building Design for Homeland Security T-t-T Course for Continuity of Operations
  • E/L 153: Building Design for Homeland Security for Continuity of Operations
Complete one of the following:
  • PER 266: Instructor Training Certification (ITC)
  • E/L 262: Instructional Delivery for Subject Matter Experts
  • G 265: Instructional Delivery Skills (formerly G 261: Instructional Presentation Skills)
  • E 605: Instructional Delivery
  • E/L 141: Instructional Presentation & Evaluation Skills Course
Instruct/Facilitate one of the following:
  • *E/L/G 548: Continuity of Operations Manager’s T-t-T Course
  • *E/L 550: Continuity of Operations Planner’s T-t-T Workshop
  • *E/L/G 551: Devolution Planning Workshop
  • *E/L 554: Determined Accord Pandemic Preparedness Workshop
  • *E/L 553: Resilient Accord Workshop
  • *E/L 556: Guardian Accord Workshop
  • *E/L 549: Reconstitution Planning Workshop
  • *E/L 557: MEF Workshop
  • *Written Comprehensive Exam (150 questions) – Applicants are eligible to take the comprehensive exam once they have completed all Level I and Level II requirements. A score of 70% is required for passing.

* Please send email to FEMA-Continuity-Practitioner@fema.dhs.gov for additional information.

Previous EMI versions of courses listed are acceptable in lieu of current course version.

All Independent Study (IS) courses can found at http://training.fema.gov/is and by clicking on ISP COURSE LIST.

Request Continuity Practitioner Certificates

  • Emergency Management Institute will issue all certificates
  • Level I and Level II requests must be accompanied by copies of all required course certificates or an official EMI transcript
  • Send certificate requests and copies of certificates or official EMI transcript to mailbox FEMA-CONTINUITY-PRACTITIONER@FEMA.DHS.GOV or mail to
    DHS/FEMA/NCP/COOP, Attn: Training Manager, Room 515, 500 C Street SW, Washington, DC 20472-3154
  • Please include your name, organization, work address or home address, email address and phone number
  • Expect to wait up to 6 weeks to receive your certificate

Request to take Written Comprehensive Exam (150 questions)

  • You must have completed all requirements for Level I
  • You must have completed all requirements for Level II
  • Facilitating/Instructing Requirement – Provide an email or letter from Lead Instructor with Course Title, Dates, and Course Location
  • Send copy of your Level I certificate, copy of Level II course certificates or official EMI transcript, and Facilitating/Instructing email or letter to mailbox FEMA-CONTINUITY-PRACTITIONER@FEMA.DHS.GOV or mail to
    DHS/FEMA/NCP/COOP, Attn: Training Manager, Room 515, 500 C Street SW, Washington, DC 20472-3154
  • Once all requirements are verified, a date to complete the Written Comprehensive Exam will be provided


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