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On April 1st, 2015 the Emergency Management Institute (EMI) will begin to use the FEMA Student Identification (SID) number when submitting your Independent Study (IS) final exam. You must continue to use your SSN or Alternate ID number until April 1st; however, we recommend registering a FEMA SID today: https://cdp.dhs.gov/femasid.

IS-100.SCA Course Materials

DescriptionSizeFile Type
    Instructor Guide
    01 IG.pdf663KB.pdf
    02 IG.pdf931.2KB.pdf
    03 IG.pdf2.3MB.pdf
    04 IG.pdf1.4MB.pdf
    05 IG.pdf2.5MB.pdf
    06 IG.pdf1.1MB.pdf
    07 IG.pdf955.8KB.pdf
    Instructor Guide - Complete.pdf26.5MB.pdf
    Student Manual
    01 SM.pdf626.6KB.pdf
    02 SM.pdf921.2KB.pdf
    03 SM.pdf2.3MB.pdf
    04 SM.pdf1.4MB.pdf
    05 SM.pdf2.5MB.pdf
    06 SM.pdf1.1MB.pdf
    07 SM.pdf961.5KB.pdf
    Student Manual - Complete.pdf26MB.pdf
    All Visuals Zipped.zip71MB.zip
    Unit 1 Visuals.ppt910KB.ppt
    Unit 2 Visuals.ppt1.6MB.ppt
    Unit 3 Visuals.ppt2.6MB.ppt
    Unit 4 Visuals.ppt1.7MB.ppt
    Unit 5 Visuals.ppt1.3MB.ppt
    Unit 6 Visuals.ppt3.2MB.ppt
    Unit 7 Visuals.ppt949KB.ppt
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