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The National Emergency Management Basic Academy

The National Emergency Management Basic Academy is the entry-point for individuals pursuing a career in emergency management. Similar to basic academies operated by the fire and law enforcement communities, the National Emergency Management Basic Academy will provide a foundational education in emergency management.

The Basic Academy provides an opportunity for students to gain a common understanding of the roles, responsibilities, and legal boundaries for emergency management; build an emergency management community of practice; and establish professional contacts. For people new to the field or transferring from another profession into emergency management, the National Emergency Management Basic Academy provides the opportunity to get a standard and comprehensive grounding in all key aspects of the field.

The goal of the Basic Academy is to support the early careers of emergency managers through a training experience combining knowledge of all fundamental systems, concepts and practices of cutting-edge emergency management. The course provides a shared classroom of adult learners and skillful instructors resulting in a sound basis upon which to build further studies and make good career choices.

Target Audience

The Basic Academy has an entry-level curriculum designed for newly appointed emergency managers and staff from State, local, tribal, territorial, FEMA, and other Federal agencies, as well as prospective professionals transferring from another discipline to emergency management. Participants in the target audience will be selected based on their willingness to meet the prerequisites and their commitment to complete all requirements of the Basic Academy.

Classroom Course Requirements

The Basic Academy consists of the following classroom courses:


Prerequisite requirements to the classroom courses are four Independent Study courses. A participant must complete all of the prerequisite EMI Independent Study courses before submitting his or her application for the E/L0101 course.

  • IS-100 (any version), Introduction to the Incident Command System (ICS) (3 hours)
  • IS-700 (any version), National Incident Management System (NIMS), An Introduction (3 hours)
  • IS-800.b, National Response Framework, An Introduction (3 hours)
  • IS-230.b, Fundamentals of Emergency Management (10 hours)

For more information about the National Emergency Management Basic Academy, contact

FEMA-EMPP-Basic-Academy@fema.dhs.gov(301) 447-1585
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